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Technical summary

Snoobi's API is a Web Service that makes use of REST-style architecture. If you are not familiar with REST (Representational state transfer) a good place to start is, for example Wiki entry about REST.

All calls to REST API need to be done through https. The URL is constructed from the URI part itself, service part and method part(s). URI stays always as The service part tells the API what part of Snoobi platform you are reaching and the method part tells what do you want to fetch.

If you're new to Snoobi API, you should start with the Getting started part. There you can find information about the authentication and limitations of the API. Actual documentation of services and resources can be found at the Documentation part


In order to become a Snoobi REST API user and gain access to it, you need to accept the terms and conditions of API usage. At the moment Snoobi Oy will provide these terms and conditions on demand. Please send your REST API access requests to Helpdesk

All of the API response data is returned as it was input through Snoobi script. The data has not been cleaned up or escaped. Make sure to clean up and escape your data to prevent cross site scripting (XSS).

API documentation

Quick links to our API documentation

View 1.0 docs

Example client

Need an example to start of your own project with a headstart?

See the example API client class written in PHP

API REST tester

You can use the API REST tester to test your service calls

Open API rest tester
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